Openpath Settings

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NOTE: Access logged: {{user_email}} ({{ user_id }}).

Openpath Login

OPTIONAL. To skip the data entry below, login with the email and password of the Openpath read-only User that was created only for lookup of entry descriptions and user names. Learn why this is safe.

Openpath email
Openpath password

Read-only User Role

Optional. Used only for read-only descriptions of people and entrances.


Token auto-refreshes before expiration on {{ formatDate( }} (created {{ formatDate( }})



{{ orgName }}

Email Notifications


Use the mustache variables {{user}}, {{event}}, and/or {{event_link}}. Learn more.

Entry Cameras

{{ || 'unnamed camera' }} Missing camera_id
Loading cameras...

Reference list of entries

entryId name ACU
{{ }} {{ || 'unnamed Entry' }} {{ e.acu && ? : 'unnamed ACU' }}

No entries found for orgId.

List of entries will be displayed after retrieving them with the userId above...