Brivo + Camio Tailgating Detection

Detect and deter tailgating automatically using standard security cameras.

Camio AI detects discrepancies between the count of unlocks and the count of people.

Polite and Secure

Tailgating is a particularly challenging problem because the serious security breaches are commingled with polite people holding doors for innocent guests and co-workers.

Physical barriers like turnstiles mitigate the problem, but they’re expensive and nobody likes the vibe of “guns, guards, and gates” in the workplace. Instead, cultivating a “polite and secure” culture—asking everyone to enforce the use of authorized access credentials—is a pragmatic way to reduce the risks of unauthorized access.

Camio and Brivo detect and deter tailgating automatically using standard security cameras. Each time the number of people passing through an entrance is greater than the number of people authorized to enter, Camio triggers a tailgating alert.

Each tailgating incident can be shared individually with the authorized employees and/or with the security staff. That review process itself motivates culture change. The “tailgating” notifications sent by Camio (via email, Slack, hooks, etc…) use templates that can be customized to match the organization’s culture and risk tolerance. For example, a high-security datacenter may consider tailgating a fireable offense, whereas the maternity ward of a hospital may prefer gentle email reminders to keep the newborns safe.

Regardless of the notification process, the recorded video is annotated with the “tailgating” label that enables fast search and event streaming to SOC staff. The video audit history also provides valuable regulatory compliance. Preventing undocumented and unauthorized entry by people who could do harm is an important part of achieving PCI DSS, SOC 2 and other certifications.

How it Works

Camio turns standard 2D cameras into 3D sensors—without the cost and complexity of installing specialized devices for infrared, laser, or stereoscopic vision. Historically, security cameras had no intelligence to differentiate between people passing in the foreground and people walking through an entrance. Camio gives existing cameras a new sense of depth and understanding by segmenting and tracking people as they move on a 3D floor-plane grid that defines the areas inside and outside of each entrance.

Tailgating detection can be added to any camera. There’s no additional on-premise equipment required, because the compute power for Artificial Intelligence/Computer Vision is dynamically provisioned in the cloud to analyze each access control event. That SaaS deployment ease also provides budget flexibility in choosing which doors to monitor when.

The optimal setup for tailgating detection ensures that the camera’s Field of View (FoV) extends to the floor of the entry area.

The ideal FoV extends to the floor at an “over-the-shoulder” ¾ angle.
Make sure opaque doors don’t block the camera’s view of people entering.

Real-time dashboards

Camio addresses the old adage “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” with real-time dashboards and tailgating alerts. Identify the vulnerabilities and measure the impact of security policy changes with data comparisons to prior periods. The unauthorized entries are streamed real-time to Google BigQuery so that it’s simple to create custom reports like this one.

Unauthorized entries are tracked in real-time with flexible reporting and open data access.

Effecting the desired culture change

The option to send automated emails to the people involved in tailgating incidents serves three main goals:

  1. Ensure compliance with security policy
  2. Solicit help from staff to enforce security policy
  3. Demonstrate safeguards for regulatory compliance and certifications


Dear {{user}}, You are receiving this message because you allowed someone entry using your credentials (known as "tailgating"). In accordance with our security policy, the tailgater must use their own credentials or be signed in as a visitor immediately. If the tailgater has credentials of their own, please insist they go back and use them. If the tailgater is a visitor, make sure you have seen the visitor's identification and that they sign in. In both cases, you must forward this email to and acknowledge that this process has been followed. Please review {{event_link}}.