Camio Flex

Run anywhere.
Improve continuously.

No proprietary hardware, no restricted integrations, and no closed ecosystems. Camio Flex is the first VMS alternative to put industry-standard cameras to work anywhere using the Kubernetes ecosystem. Instead of upfront licensing fees, pay only for the services you use.

Deliver the best security and video insights—continuously as the threat landscape changes.

The Camio open, containerized video processing platform reduces hardware and automates storage, scale and lifecycle management for 80% lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Future-Proof Operations

Minimize risk

Vendors often try to pull you down their rabbit hole. Camio Flex combines industry-standard IP cameras and hybrid cloud infrastructure to eliminate technical and business risks. Its containerized pipeline runs anywhere without proprietary hardware or lock-in. And open APIs ensure easy SaaS integrations for continuous improvements.

Save Money

Optimize your budget while lowering TCO

VMS upfront licensing fees cost $200 to $400 per stream, with minimums as high as $25,000. With Camio, pay only for the services that you need and use. Add-on services range from $1 to $89 per stream per month—matched to the value derived from services applied to each camera.
Speed Innovation

Deploy new capabilities quickly

Camio Flex helps you solve problems quickly using new AI models (Camio DIY Detectors), new services, new integrations, and new workflows— running on any hardware on any network topology. Innovate without the constraints and slow product lifecyles of legacy VMS architectures.

Enhance Results

Improve quality and performance

AI models run anywhere without compute capacity restrictions. By exploiting Kubernetes and containerization, Camio Flex dynamically allocates compute and storage resources whether operating on one or many machines.

Run anywhere with Cloud Native agility.