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Secure facilities 24/7. With unlimited cloud storage.

Retain video for as long as needed for SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance. Protect entry points and sensitive areas with instant unauthorized access alerts. Camio is an open video processing pipeline that uses AI and Machine Learning to reduce false positives by 90% and speed video review by 5x — without proprietary hardware or lock-in.

Put your cameras to work to protect sensitive areas and materials with AI.

With Camio, standard 2D cameras into 3D sensors — without the cost and complexity of specialized devices.

Detect unauthorized access instantly.

Camio integrates with Onguard (Lenel), Openpath, Brivo and C-Cure access control systems for automatic tailgating detection and alarm verification. Powerful AI and video analysis differentiates between harmless motion and true threats, reducing false positives by 93%.

Enhance cybersecurity with strict InfoSec and privacy protections.

TLS encryption with Perfect Forward Secrecy and 256-bit AES encrypted storage meet stringent IT requirements. Remote access is secure with no open in-bound network ports, and Camio operates securely by isolating the camera network from the corporate network.

Improve continually with modern SaaS architecture.

The Camio containerized pipeline and open APIs ensure use of the latest AI advances, fast deployment of new capabilities, and continuous learning for ongoing improvement.

Cloud storage is flexible and bandwidth efficient. Retain video in the cloud as long as required.
Usage-based pricing optimizes budgets and flexibility so you can activate services like tailgating detection only on cameras in the most important areas and at the most critical times.
Interactive dashboards help staff view streams, see vulnerabilities, communicate with team members, and even send incident links directly to law enforcement.

Secure facilities 24/7 with AI-driven security.