Real Estate

Secure 50x more places. Spend less.

Deploy staff exactly when and where needed. Reduce costs by letting cameras do the work to notify you when you need to look. Camio uses existing hardware and AI to free staff from mundane video review and protect 50x more locations with the same staff.

Don’t investigate security events. Prevent them.

Camio puts standard IP cameras to work to understand issues that warrant attention. So, you can focus on only what’s important.

Increase ROI through smart staff dispatch.

Remote monitoring and alerts sent to any browser indicate potential threats in real time. So SOC staff can intervene proactively and deploy guards directly to problem areas.

Detect unauthorized access automatically.

Camio integrates with Onguard (Lenel), Openpath, Brivo and C-Cure access control systems for automatic tailgating detection and alarm verification. Camio differentiates between harmless motion and true threats to reduce false alarms by 93%.

Ensure common area health and safety.

Occupancy counting and dwell times solutions help manage crowds and max occupancy limits in places like gyms and pools. Data insights also help with staff and services’ scheduling.

Camio is infinitely scalable, capable of thousands of simultaneous camera streams. Storage is equally scalable, retained on premise or in the cloud for as long as required.
Flexible usage-based pricing makes Camio economical. Activate cameras in the most important areas and at the most critical times.
Industry leading cybersecurity exceeds strict IT standards.
Customizable dashboards reveal real-time data and long-term trends.

Protect More with Fewer Resources.