Get in-store insights that drive profitability.

Use existing cameras and AI to reduce losses, deter thefts, and inform your marketing, merchandising and space planning decisions. The same Camio system that protects assets also captures valuable in-store customer behavior so costs can be shared between different budgets.

Put your cameras to work to boost profits.

Automate loss prevention, identify questionable transactions, speed investigations, and capture customer activity with video.

Cut loses from theft

Camio pinpoints suspicious transactions by correlating Point-of-Sale records with security video.

Reduce investigation time by 15x

When an incident does happen. Eliminate time-consuming manual video review and instantly share clips with law enforcement for a higher probability of conviction.

Turn video output into actionable data

Get traffic insights into specific areas with occupancy counting and dwell times for smarter marketing and merchandising strategies.

Automatic alerts reveal long lines, when a restricted area is breached, or theft occurs
Customizable dashboards reveal real-time data and long-term trends
Usage-based pricing, maximizes budgets and flexibility
Strict cybersecurity protocols protects data

Turn real-time video into actionable insights.