Why Camio?

Modern Video Infrastructure for Better Security
We chose Camio because we didn't want to do this again in 4 years.
Director, Communication and Networking Systems
Leading Bay Area University

Video search and alerts are a 50x force multiplier.

Camio enables a 10x reduction in false alarms and 5x faster review, so the same staff can cover 50x more locations. Real-time alerts notify of potential threats and incidents, so guards can be deployed precisely when and where needed for immediate mitigation. Random guard tours are replaced with targeted interventions, so one guard can cover more area. Smart resource deployment not only saves money but also assigns security staff to higher impact work, which boosts staff retention.

Security staff get instant situational awareness by quickly “scrubbing” AI event summaries.
Use existing cameras and hardware

A Chilean mining company launched social distancing and mask detection in less than 30 minutes.

Because Camio is software-based, deploying real-time video search is simply a matter of “lighting up” existing cameras. No client apps to download. No systems to integrate, no firewall exceptions, no proprietary equipment to purchase. It's fast and easy to get up and running—just like opening a web page in any browser. And flexible usage-based pricing makes it cost effective.

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Gain power to protect, not just report

An 800-location property company saw an 18x ROI by intervening in real-time.

Intuitive natural language search delivers what you want to see instantly—without hunting and pecking—and drives real-time alerts. Camio differentiates between harmless motion and potential threats. It learns continuously and ensures fast application of the latest AI advances without complex integrations. You can view live camera feeds and alerts—from any browser, on any device. Locate problem areas, prevent breaches, ensure compliance, and improve ROI—all without more staff.

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Manage risks with dashboard insights

Data tells the whole story in real time.

Any search can trigger an alert that also becomes data instantly accessible via interactive dashboards. Dashboards reveal real-time metrics and trend data, and enable fast communication. Send links to team members or even directly to law enforcement with a single click.

Create your own AI models

Custom detectors trained by your own video provide data and alerts on the specific things you care about.

Camio DIY Detectors give the power to create detectors specific to your own environment—and deploy them in 72 hours. After one-click object labeling, Camio automates the training and deployment of the new model. So the Camio search box becomes expandable to anything in your video. No more waiting for new AI features or for custom solutions..
Build your own AI models to trigger alerts for objects and activities customized to your environment.

Move from passive evidence collection to immediate response.