Camio Culture

Who We Are

Join a team of open, curious problem solvers enabling a new generation of applications that use machines to see and understand the world in real time.

We're Users

We go deep in using our own products. We build what we ourselves want to use. And we pay close attention to what others actually use. So we always prioritize and execute with a pragmatic assessment of what's most useful.

We're Doers

We get things done. We imagine, create, test, and iterate. We're not meta-level generalists. We ourselves do the hard work to define and produce the very specific outcomes needed most.

We're Problem Solvers

We propose solutions to precisely defined problems. We keep moving forward without the weight of past mistakes, sunk costs or future uncertainties. We look at our goal and simply ask, "What's the next right thing to do to get there?"

We're Transparent

We energize and motivate each other with openness. We continually share our plans, progress, and learnings to solicit the best critical thinking across the whole team. We make decisions with information that everyone sees.

We're Respectful

We're honest and committed to each other's personal growth and success. We communicate quickly and efficiently with each other (skip formalities) because we've earned each other's trust in every prior interaction. We challenge each other with a commitment to understand the other's perspective.

We're Tenacious

We work really hard on the right things. We focus and execute. But we're not rigid; we keep adjusting and we never give up in pursuing our perfect product.

We're Tolerant

We deeply value diversity of thoughts and opinions (while demanding that everyone move quickly from opinion to validated observation). We work through ambiguity with a disciplined curiosity that's fact-finding and precise.

We're Learners

We stay curious. We educate, learn, and unlearn continually—as collaborators in seeking the best outcomes for everyone we work with.