At GSX, seeing is believing.

September 12-14, 2022

Booth 3417

Speak or type your own natural language video searches and see them become alerts instantly. Watch sub-second incident triage on the SOC wall while enjoying the espresso bar! Enter VIPGST53 at registration for free exhibit entry.


reduction in tailgating within the first two months


more locations covered with the same staff


ROI in prevented damages and loss

Real-time video search & alerts

The Camio booth (3417) at GSX will be a hands-on experience. See how to solve previously intractable physical security problems like tailgating and false alarms using AI, natural language search, and standard IP cameras.
Proactive Security not passive surveillance
Data Insights for regulatory compliance — SOC 2 and PCI DSS
Cloud Native reliability, cybersecurity, scale, and performance advantages

The Camio containerized video processing pipeline is open and extensible with DIY Detectors and BigQuery SQL/sync for easy data access. Storage is unlimited. You can even Bring Your Own Storage by pointing Camio to your own GCS/S3 buckets.

Trusted by industry leaders

Founded by former Google executives, Camio is used by leaders in real estate, insurance, biotech, software, and education worldwide.

By combining world class Cloud Native infrastructure with the best industry standard cameras, Camio brings natural language search simplicity to physical security.

Turn real-time video into actionable insights