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Camio partners with the industry's best professionals to build a worldwide network committed to providing superior solutions to our joint customers.

IC Realtime

Camera/NVR Manufacturer: United States, Canada, South America

IC Realtime designs and manufactures integrated security systems and software apps for maximum levels of protection and flexibility for its clients. The breadth of its product line and network of dealers provide security solutions for a wide range of residential, commercial, governent, education, and military applications. IC Realtime is Camio’s exclusive security camera/NVR manufacturer reseller in the United States, Canada, and South America. Its Ella service is powered by Camio.

Odin Systems

System Integrator: United States, based in California

Odin Systems specializes in addressing the video surveillance needs of municipalities and law enforcement agencies. Its staff has comprehensive expertise in the design, engineering, and deployment of wireless video surveillance systems. Odin understands the unique challenges and requirements facing these law enforcment agencies and the jurisdictions they serve. Odin delivers systems that operate efficiently and effectively within tight budgetary constraints. Odin deploys versatile, best-in-class technology with an unwavering commitment to customers during—and after—project implementation.


System Integrator: Northeast United States, based in New York

T.M. Bier & Associates, Inc (TMBA) are control systems integration and building automation experts. Theire extensive applications engineering experience in every facet of building automation—design, installation, and service—ensures a cohesive strategy and implementation. Their services include the design and installation of HVAC systems, lighting controls systems, security systems and various industrial controls.


Telematics: México, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica

M4 cuenta con un equipo enfocado en obtener información precisa de tendencias, gustos y expectativas del usuario final, con lo cual se define el desarrollo y diseño su nuevos dispositivos electrónicos. El resultado final es una experiencia positiva para sus usuarios, a la cual su CEO ha bautizado como Filosofía Well Designed, es decir, la “Empatía entre usuario y tecnología”. M4 venden la dashcam.


IT Service: United States, based in Chicago

CentriCloud helps small to mid-size businesses get enterprise level security, phones, and computing systems—without having to buy expensive hardware and software. Its modern cloud-centric approach to the delivery of core IT functions behind daily operations provides both productivity gains and cost reductions.

Sonar AVL

Telematics: Colombia, Medellín

Sonar AVL ha desarrollado versátiles herramientas y funcionalidades que permiten el control de flotas en empresas de distribución, paqueteo, carga pesada, operación logística, entre otras. La variedad de herramientas y funcionalidades que Sonar AVL pone a su disposición le permiten controlar y administrar su flota con mayor eficiencia y precisión en las áreas más importantes. Sonar AVL venden la dashcam.