Simple MPAA Compliance

Implement MPAA Physical Security Best Practices with Camio’s bandwidth-efficient video monitoring, real-time video search, & long-term storage.

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Bandwidth isn’t your only savings

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Get state-of-the-art video surveillance with real-time video search & unlimited storage. Unlike standalone, battery-powered, or streaming cameras, these cloud kits provide tamper-proof 24x7 continuous video history without hogging your Internet bandwidth.

WiFi, PoE, Audio, Weatherproof, IR Nightvision, 1520p @20fps, 1080p @30fps

Both PoE & WiFi. Works Day & Night.

Power & versatility

These cameras mount flush to the wall or ceiling and support both WiFi and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). So you can choose the best power source and Internet connection anytime—no matter where you decide to put them. Since they’re also compliant with industry standards (ONVIF, H.264 RTSP), they can grow to be part of any size installation.

To get this deal, just:

  • 1 Buy a kit from Arcdyn with the discount code CAMARC17.
  • 2 Mount the cameras and connect your kit to your local network.
  • 3 Add the cameras to your Camio subscription or use them standalone.

State-of-the-art security video

This package is a fast and simple way to comply with MPAA Content Security Program Best Practices using Camio’s:

  • encrypted, off-site, tamper-proof, redundantly-stored, 90-day video surveillance history;
  • automated alerts and warnings for disconnected cameras;
  • real-time video search for easy review;
  • always-reliable timestamps;
  • unlimited storage and logging;
  • closed inbound network ports;
  • static IP assignment (without reliance on DHCP);
  • automatic annotation of video history with access control events.

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