OnGuard + Camio Tailgating Detection

Protect people, property, and your bottom line.

Detect & deter tailgating automatically

Tailgating (or “piggybacking”) is one of the most common security risks. Unauthorized entry can compromise intellectual property, lead to thefts, and threaten employee safety. It’s a particularly challenging problem because serious security breaches are commingled with polite people holding doors for innocent guests and co-workers.

Deploy quickly & easily

Existing security cameras become automatic tailgating detectors with Camio and OnGuard

Using AI and machine learning, Camio turns standard 2D cameras into 3D sensors—without the cost and complexity of installing specialized devices for infrared, laser, or stereoscopic vision. Cameras gain a new sense of depth and understanding by segmenting and tracking people as they move on a 3D floor-plane grid that defines the areas inside and outside of each entrance.

The ideal FoV extends to the floor at an “over-the-shoulder” ¾ angle.
Cameras track people entering

Get real-time alerts

Unauthorized entry notifications are sent to any browser, on any device

Each time the number of people passing through an entrance is greater than the number of people authorized to enter, Camio triggers a tailgating alert. Alerts are sent automatically to authorized personnel—and optionally to the people involved in the tailgating incident—and be viewed with any browser on any device. Notifications can be customized to match an organization’s culture and risk tolerance.

Communicate instantly with team members

Monitor & mitigate access control breaches through interactive dashboards

Interactive dashboards help staff view streams, communicate with team members, even send incident links directly to law enforcement for immediate response. Dashboards also identify trends and vulnerabilities, and measure the impact of security policy changes with data comparisons to prior periods.

Unauthorized entries are tracked with real-time interactive dashboards.

Effect the desired culture change

The option to send automated emails to the people involved in tailgating incidents serves three main goals:

  1. Ensure compliance with security policy
  2. Solicit help from staff to enforce security policy
  3. Demonstrate safeguards for regulatory compliance and certifications


Dear {{user}}, You are receiving this message because you allowed someone entry using your credentials (known as "tailgating"). In accordance with our security policy, the tailgater must use their own credentials or be signed in as a visitor immediately. If the tailgater has credentials of their own, please insist they go back and use them. If the tailgater is a visitor, make sure you have seen the visitor's identification and that they sign in. In both cases, you must forward this email to and acknowledge that this process has been followed. Please review {{event_link}}.


Put cameras to work securely & flexibly

Security best practices—including TLS encryption with Perfect Forward Secrecy and 256-bit AES encrypted storage—meet stringent IT requirements. Remote access is secure with no open in-bound network ports, and Camio isolates the camera network from the corporate network for greater security. Camio’s SaaS deployment ease also provides budget flexibility to choose which doors to monitor when.

Move from passive evidence collection to active security.

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