Receive Alerts from Camio in Slack

The new Camio Slack integration makes it easy and seamless to receive and view alerts

Get Instant Alerts

Receive instant notification for events you care about with search-based video alerts and Camio for Slack. Camio sends messages to your Slack channel whenever a camera sees a new event that matches one of your pinned queries. Each message includes the information to respond at-a-glance:

  • Best cover image
  • Matched search query
  • Timestamp of the event
  • Link to view in any browser

Discuss with Coworkers

To discuss an event with your coworkers, reply in a thread to the message from Camio. Need somebody else to sign for a delivery? Simply @ mention them on the message!

Search quickly from Slack

Act Immediately

Take steps to quickly mitigate threats by easily accessing live feeds, Camio tools, and more. Slash commands allow you to navigate to Camio quickly. Did you miss the delivery truck? Use /camio search fedex or ups to find out. Find a full list of the supported commands here.

Get Started in Seconds

Add the Camio for Slack app to your workspace is less than 18 seconds. Simply go to your notifications page and click the 'Add to Slack' button. Choose the channel you would like to receive notifications in and you're all set!